Seeing with plants

Firecracker back border.jpg

Part of my job is to help people see things. Things they wouldn’t otherwise see. Things that are not necessarily the most obvious solution to the problem at hand. Things that will make their lives easier & more enjoyable & bring beauty to their daily lives. Things that will help the planet.

These six plants for a back garden border allow me to see. See that I have climate adapted plants for the project at hand, reducing the need for an increased budget for watering year after year.

See that I have included PNW and West Coast native plants and native cultivars to increase the well being of the wildlife that resides in the urban corridor

See that using edible plants mixed in the landscape isn’t all that hard to do.

See that by mixing ornamental and native plants, I can gently nudge forward the idea that doing good, garden by garden, isn’t really all that hard.

See that creating privacy in an urban backyard doesn’t have to be a straightforward hedge or a row of bamboo that requires annual care for the rest of its life.

Six plants allow me to share all the things someone else may not see.